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Power CG

Power CG was a character generator program developed by Cayman Graphics. The program was available as a standalone software package for computers running Microsoft Windows, however it could be purchased with compatibility for various linear editing setups such as the Video Machine, as well as an plugin for various software packages such as Adobe Premiere among others.1)

Earlier versions of the program could run on a computer either running Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, or Windows NT with at least a 386 or higher and 16 MB of memory.2)

Excluding compatible versions, various variations of Power CG were released:

  • Power CG - initial release
  • Power CG RFS (Reduced Feature Set) - released specifically for the in:sync Speed Razor.
  • Power CG Live - Feature-rich release, including dual-channel support, playing “Snypes” during programming, etc.
  • Power CG Express (formerly Power CG Lite) - A more compact iteration of Power CG. Described by Cayman as “for those who don't need all the of extra features of the Power CG Live.”
  • Emergency Alert CG - a special version with compatibility for various Emergency Alert System encoder/decoders like the Digital Alert Systems DASDEC or Sage Alerting Systems ENDEC (both models).

The program was offered free of charge for evaluation purposes with a Cayman Graphics watermark on-screen.

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